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We here at PKreel would like to keep our fresh and good impression in the field by not posting any news prior to the release of a game, manga, or anime series of the Pokemon franchise. Some relevant news however will still be posted here. If you would like to discuss rumors and such about the Pokemon franchise, proceed to the PKreel Forums and begin. We appreciate your understanding and if you have any questions, you can email us using the Contact tab at the top. We will answer promptly.

April 8, 2011

Global Link??? Uncomfirmed

The Global Link launch date is still uncomfirmed. After posting it would be up April 13 the official Pokemon website removed this post not revealing when it would launch. Many fans are excited and anxouse for the Global Link to be unveiled because of the oppertunities to extend thier Pokemon playing from the Nintendo d.s to the online world

Always here for you: NeonBlue  

 March 30 2011


A look inside the coding of Pokémon TCGO. Three images shown within: Snivy, Unknown Pokémon, and a strange energy thing.  it looks very bad. Some speculate its related to genosect others think its a abandoned pokemon gamefreak left behind. however i think that its a pokemon they are going to reveal....... hmm what do u think



March of 2011 has had many new surprises for Pokémon manga fans, especially for the Pokémon Adventures fans of today. With new releases from VIZ Media in North America, Chuang Yi in Singapore, and Shōgakukan in Japan.

Main cast of Pokémon RéBURST

 In Japan, the first chapter of the new manga, written by Mitsuhisa Tamura and Jin Kusude, known as Pokémon RéBURST, has appeared in the issue of Weekly Shōnen Sunday. This marvelous manga follows the adventures of main character Ryouga, and his friend Miruto. Also, volume 38 of the popular manga Pokémon Adventures was released at the end of February by Shōgakukan. This last volume not only marks the end of the Diamond & Pearl chapter but the beginning of the Platinum chapter as well. In addition, the second and third volumes of Pokémon Try Adventure,  created by Miho Asada (the author of Pokémon Get da Ze! and the popular Phantom Thief Pokémon 7) was released at the end of February. 

Pokémon Adventures: Diamond and Pearl/Platinum volume 1

(The picture on the left was provided by Bulbapedia)

In North America, VIZ Media had released Volume 30 of Pokémon Adventures, which they published as Volume 1 of the second series, "Pokémon Adventures: Diamond and Pearl/Platinum". This release, that was originally planned for February, got pushed back to March for unknown reasons. This volume marks the beginning of the Diamond & Pearl chapter, and allows pokemon fans to follow the adventures of characters Diamond, Pearl and Lady Berlitz. With VIZ Media's continued releases of the Gold, Silver & Crystal chapter, the next volume is due out in April. VIZ Media has now announced in a press release that they have acquired the licence for the brand-new Pokémon Adventures: Black & White chapter. The Black & White chapter, which has been mentioned in magazines for a few weeks now, has not yet been published in graphic novel format. Most fans believe that these volumes (being retailed for $4.99 USD) will be made directly from the magazine chapters with original cover artwork. The first two Black & White volumes (as published by VIZ Media) are due in July.

Pokémon Adventures volume 35 cover artwork

Finally, in SingaporeChuang Yi released Volume 35 of Pokémon Adventures. This was originally said to have been a late February release, but was pushed back to March 8th,also for unknown reasons. This is the fifth volume of the Diamond & Pearl chapters. (Picture to the right was provided by Bulbapedia)

Saturday March 19th,2011 

Sorry Loyal fans of Pkr. We all apoligize for the lateness of this news but since Black and White are out who wouldnt be busy, right? :) anyways there is a bus load of news so we wil try our best to put it in pieces as we go.



Wednesday February 23rd, 2011
Details of Black and White: Everything you need to know!
Mechanics (This is long and I apologize for that but this is all of the information, confirmed and for-real so I hope you enjoy; it will answer pretty much any question you have about the mechanics).
UPDATE: During the rush of getting all of this information written down, I realized I had made two typos in my wording. "Rock Smash" has been corrected to "Strength"; and previously I listed Cress as a Grass-Type Leader, it has been corrected to Water-Type like it suposed to.

  • -Framerate remains 30 for the overworld; same speed as D, P, Plt, HG, SS
  • -Framerate during battle increased to 60; same speed as battle sequences in R, S, FR, LG, and E
  • -Pokemon DO NOT follow you as HG and SS re-introduced
  • -You are only given 8 PC Boxes at the beginning of the game
  • -The number of Boxes expands when a Pokemon is caught and is placed in each of the 8 Boxes.
  • -Total number of Boxes once all are unlocked equal 24
  • -Boxes continue in a cycle of 8 until 24 have been unlocked.
  • -There are now 94 TM's instead of 92
  • -TM 94 Bark Out is Event only; Bark Out is contained in the Lock Capsule which can be obtained on HG and SS through a valid Nintendo Event. This event has not been released yet
  • -Gym Leaders and Elite Four Members no longer have animations
  • -TM's can be used an infinite number of times like HM's
  • -When a Pokemon forgets a move to learn a TM or HM, the move learned takes on the current PP of the move replaced by the new move. This disallows players from using TM's and HM's as PP restoration.
  • -HM's have been reduced from 8 to 6. The first four remain the same: Cut, Fly, Surf, and Strength. HM05 is Waterfall and HM06 is Dive
  • -The Key Items shortcut has been expanded to allow the Pokedex and other options to be used quickly
  • -There is no longer a feature to have running shoes on at all times
  • -Contests are abandoned in place of Musicals. Musicals do not factor in a Pokemon's moves
  • -The ???-Type does not exist; instead Curse is now a Ghost-Type move
  • -Rotom's Formes are now dual type of the move they learn. Frost Rotom: Electric/Ice, Heat Rotom: Electric/Fire, Fan Rotom: Electric/Flying, Mow Rotom: Electric/Grass, Wash Rotom: Electric/Water
  • -Pokemon encounters are not affected by the time of day anymore
  • -In the Wi-Fi Club; there is no longer a set all Pokemon to Lv. 100.
  • -Items are displayed in a list format rather than six-cell pages like HG and SS
  • -The C-Gear is fully customizable unlike the PokeGear, PokeNav, and Poketch from previous Generations
  • -Pokemon names are now wriiten, for example: Venusaur rather than VENUSAUR like previous Generations have done
  • -Music is extremely dynamic such as Battle Music will change when one of the players Pokemon have less than 25% of their HP, the music changes faster, making it more suspenseful. When Battling a Gym Leader's last Pokemon, the Music also changes
  • -Almost all Towns and Routes have different instruments that differ between seasons and the layers that activate and deactivate when the player walks or stops respectively
  • -Some people have their own music when talked to in Cities and Towns. These people can be seen playing different instruments like the Guitar and Piano
  • -The Park Ball has been completely overwritten and now is the Dream Ball
  • -Pokemon caught in HG or SS in Fast, Lure, Moon, Level, Love, Friend and Heavy Balls will retain that Ball when they are transferred over to BW. But these Balls are exclusive to Johto, making them absent from obtaining in BW
  • -All other PokeBalls remain
  • -Weather conditions and the current time are displayed on the Touch Screen during battle
  • -Season's alternate every real world month
  • -92 new Attacks
  • -41 new Abilities
  • -PokeShifter now called Poke Transfer (used to transfer your Pokemon from D, P, Plt, HG and SS).
  • -The Transfer Machine is only used to send Celebi and the Shiny Beasts: Raikou, Entei and Suicune to BW
  • -You can use the Entralink to visit your friends Unova Regions which are Monochrome in color. You can participate in Missions and recieve Prize Pass Orbs
  • -The name of the tree that is affected by how many Mission you complete is callled the Entree
  • -The Battle Subway is the Unova equivalent of the Battle Tower and Battle Frontier. There is only a Lv. 50 Battle Option. The hub of the station is called the Gear Station. Two brothers: Emmet and Ingo lead the competition and are similar to Frontier Brains from Hoenn, Johto, and Sinnoh
  • -The Event Pokemon in Unova are Victini, Keldeo, Meloetta and Genesect
  • -Gym Leaders: Cilan (Grass), Chili (Fire), Cress (Water); Lenora (Normal); Burgh (Bug); Elesa (Electric); Clay (Ground); Skyla (Flying); Brycen (Ice); Drayden (Dragon) Black Version; Iris (Dragon) White Version
  • -Elite Four: Shauntal (Ghost), Grimsley (Dark); Caitlin (Psychic); Marshal (Fighting); Alder (Undetermined Mix)
  • -Towns and Cities: Striaton City; Castelia City; Nimbassa City; Nuvema Town; Nacrene City; Undella Town; Lacunosa Town; Opelucid City; Iccirus City; Mistralton City; Driftveil City; and Accumula Town and Anville Town


 File:Latias and Latios.png


Thursday February 17th, 2011

List of English Locations Revealed by Serebii 

P2 Lab : P2 Labrotory
Abandonded Lot of Dreams : Dreamyard
The Opening of the Underground Water Vein : Wellspring Cave
Resort Desert : Desert Resort
Ancient Castle : Relic Castle
Hodomoe Drawbridge : Driftveil Drawbridge
The Freezer Containers : Cold Storage
Fukiyose City : Mistralton City
The Tower of Heavens : Celestial Tower
The Ridge : Twist Mountain
Sekka Moor : Moor of Icirrus
Kanawa Twon : Anville Town
Cylinder Bridge : Tubeline Bridge
Training Cave : Challenger’s Cave
Souryuu City : Opelucid City
Kagome Town : Lacunosa Town
Village Bridge keeps its original name
Giant Hole : Giant Chasm
Sazanami Town : Undella Town
Sazanami Bay : Undella Bay
Fertility Shrine : Abundant Shrine
Wonder Bridge : Marvelous Bridge
Illusion Forest : Lostlorn Forest

P.S. Today, our featured Pokemon are Rayquaza and Latios and Latias XD

-Dimi <(^^)>


Wendsday Febuary 16th, 2011


It has been revealed by the official movie website that for the first time in pokemon history there will be two versions of a movie. One will be called Victini and the Black Hero: Zekrom, the other will be called Victini and the White Hero: Reshiram. This is confirming what we posted on the 13th of Febuary.   

  "The main character Satoshi and his Pikachu are participating in the harvest festival battle held in Eind Oak, where the People of the Land live; the story is the same up until they meet the mysterious Pokemon Victini, but the legendary Pokemon differs for each of the two movies. "Black Hero" features Zekrom, which first appears when it acknowledges a human in pursuit of "dreams," and "White Hero" features Reshiram, which first appears when it acknowledges a human in pursuit of "truth."  You can check anymore info on the pokemon movie website....and all credit goes to BULBAPEDIA



Tuesday February 15th, 2011

PKreel Blog up Now!

The PKreel Blog is now up and this allows for you Pokefans out there to freely comment on our posts and partake in our fun discussions and polls XD

PKreel is also now on Google. We are not at the top when you search us, but we are on the search list nonetheless!

Also here is our Weekly Spotlight for Week 2: The fire starters. For now on, we will be making blog posts where you can read about them and then discuss them if you'd like.


Sunday February 13th, 2011


No 3rd Pokemon Game for 5th Gen :(

A new movie for 2011 was revealed from a leaked Corocoro Magazine. The movie is entitled Victini and the White Hero and we dont know, as of yet, how it is related with the first movie revealed for this year (Victini and the Black Hero). Like the other movie, it features the legendary Pokemon Victini and the counterpart for Zekrom; and the mascot of Pokemon Black: Reshiram.

No 3rd Pokemon Game for 5th Gen :(

There was this rumors going around Pokemon sites that there won't be a third game for the fifth generation games. posted that this might be their Marketing strategy for the current release of Pokemon Black and White.


wanna discuss? post it here...

P.S. Valentines Day is coming XD



Friday February 11th, 2011

Unova Map and Elite Four English names revealed!

  • Nuvema Town (Kanoko Town)
  • Accumula Town (Karakusa Town)*
  • Striaton City (Shippou City)*
  • Nacrene CIty (Shippou City)*
  • Castelia City (Hiun City)*
  • Nimbasa City (Raimon City)*
  • Driftveil City (Hodomoe City)
  • Mistralton City (Fukiyose City)
  • Icirrus City (Sekka City)*
  • Opelucid City (Souryuu CIty)
  • Lacunosa Town (Kagome Town)
  • Undella Town (Sazanami Town)


* - already confirmed

P.S. This may not be 100% accurate

**Map is fan made too, except for the one's confirmed, the location of names may not be accurate too..

credits to Pokejungle and Belmad :D


  • Shauntal
  • Grimsley
  • Caitlin
  • Marshal
  • Alder


Wednesday February 9th, 2011

Minor Black and White Stuff

Basically just a little bit of news:

  • Black Version: More Rotation Battles but other battles still exist throughout the Region.
  • White Version: More Triple Battles but other battles still exist throughout the Region.

That is all



Monday February 7th, 2011

New Black and White Details

And How Did Everybody Like Zoroark: Master of Illusions?

Yagaruma Forest now named Pinwheel Forest.

Black and White Mall Tour Details released and apparently ties in with the Celebi Gamestop distribution event.

Also, Raikou has been rumored to be over wi-fi.

Shell Blade in English is Razor Shell

Grass Mixer in English is Leaf Tornado

Nitro Charge in English is Flame Charge

In other news: the 13th movie premired on Cartoon Network over the weekend. They completely cut out the intro where Zorua escapes captivity and dodges Goon's Scizor. If your interested in seeing that cut scene, go on YouTube and watch the Japanese opening of the movie. The movie kind of makes no sense without it. I liked how they made the Male Character from Black and White Karl, the guy with the Woobat hat. And have you noticed there were many inferences to Unova in the movie but its name was never spoken?

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