Wednesday, January 26th 2011

Pokedex Split-Up Project

Victini in Europe

New Character Section

Update: New BW Trailer

The massive Pokedex will be split up between staff members by Region:

o Dimi - Unova Pokemon

o Con-Seal - Hoenn Pokemon

o StrawberryFields - Johto Pokemon

o NeonBlue - Kanto Pokemon

o absoltrainer or new member, HeartLess will take the Sinnoh Pokemon. Desicion is still pending.

In other news, Victini will be distributed in Europe beginning on March 4th, 2011 - April 22nd, 2011. This event hasn't been specified as a Wi-Fi or a Location Distribution like the now-going Legendary Beasts Gamestop Distribution. The event will give you the item called Liberty Ticket or otherwise known as the Liberty Pass. The pass will take you to an island where Victini can be caught. Personally, I like the in-game events like that where you can actually battle and catch them.

New Character section has been on the to-do list. It will highlight all major characters from the mainstream RPG Pokemon Games.

  Black White Kamitsure.pngGym Leader Kamitsure

 Update: New Trailer of Black and White. You can view above this post.


Monday, January 24th 2011

Welcome Two New Staff Members

New Features

Two new staff members have joined us: NeonBlue and StrawberryFields. You can check out their bio's in the Members section.

We have added links to all of our content along the left column along with a Google Search bar and information on recent Pokemon events. PKreel's contest information will also be placed there.

The Pokedex will take awhile as it is extremely massive.


Sunday, January 23rd 2011
Some late updates + Zoroark Movie

It's been a while since the last update, so i've decided to post very late updates, along with the Zoroark: Master of Illusions.

Some Pokemon names:

  • #530 Excadrill (Ground/Steel)
  • Deep Earth Pokemon, Ability: Sand Rush or Sand Force
  • #540 Sewaddle (Bug/Grass)
  •  Sewing Pokemon, Ability: Swarm or Cholorophyll
  • #594 Alomomola  (Water)
  • Nursing Pokemon, Ability: Hydration or Healing Heart
  • Drill Run is the official name for ‘Drill Liner’
  • Struggle Bug is the official name for ‘Bug Resistance’
Miscellaneous Stuff:
  • High Link is now EntraLink

Pokémon Diamond & Pearl - Zoroark: Master of Illusions

     The latest Pokémon movie, Zoroark: Master of Illusions has been given a firm US airdate and airtime according to the TVGuide schedule. According to the TV Guide, it is due for airing on February 5th at 7pm Eastern & Pacific/6pm Central following an airing of the movie; Giratina & The Sky Warrior. This movie is the first movie to feature Pokémon from the upcoming games; Pokémon Black & White and feature a man trying to control the Pokémon Zoroark and its illusions. This movie also features the Shiny Legendary Beasts and Celebi.

     UPDATELike us on FACEBOOK


Thursday, January 20th 2011

Big Buzz About the New Nintendo 3DS

Update: Official Title for New Series

The Nintendo 3DS has been hitting the gaming community with quite a storm. The 3DS uses dual layer screens that project the 3D image without the need of glasses. This technology is called Autostereoscopic Three Dimensional Effect. The top screen contains 800x240 Pixels creating a riveting and eye-popping display not visible in any other game system on the market, while the bottom screen holds about 320x240 Pixels. The system as a whole is 0.83 inches thick and it now comes with a base (otherwise known as a cradle). The cradle allows for faster downloading, uploading, and charging. No word yet if it still has a standard wall charger. A slider on the side of the 3DS allows for the player to increase or decrease the 3D effect to his/her specific preference. A Circular Pad, similar to a toggle, has been added. As well as an Accelerometer which allows gameplay to be effected by your own movements as well as a Gyroscope which measures all degrees of axisital movement. The 3DS is expected to be released on March 27th 2011 in the U.S. for a set price of $249.99 and in Europe on March 25th 2011 for a set price of £229.99.

Update: The series after Pokemon: Diamond and Pearl: Sinnoh League Victors will be dubbed simpily Pokemon: Black and White. In Japan it remains as Pokemon: Best Wishes.

Tuesday, January 18th 2011

PKreel Mascot and Type (Minor News) 

We at PKreel have decided that Klink will be our site mascot and our Type mascots will be Steel and Fire type Pokemon.


Monday, January 17th 2011

Beginning of Legendary Beast's Event pt. 2: Entei

TM/HM Dex Under Construction

Update: Sad News...

Today Marks the beginning of Entei's Giveaway at Gamestop stores across the U.S. the event will run from January 17th to January 23rd. Entei will be shiny, as Raikou was; he is in a Cherish Ball, holds a Custap Berry and has a Classic Ribbon, his moveset consists of the following:

  • Flare Blitz
  • Extremespeed
  • Crush Claw
  • Howl

    Con-seal is currently working on the TM/HM Dex which will  list all of the TM's and HM's between the III, IV, and V Generations. Generations I and II will be added later.
    absoltrainer will begin with getting the seperate sections of the Versions walkthrough. Meaning basic information on all of the Pokemon Versions inluding Legendary Locations and Gym Leader stats.
    Update: Sadly Con-seal will not be in contact for 2-3 days...He is having trouble getting on the internet and he has schooling responsibilites.
    We excitingly await his return, and he has promised to work on his TM/HM Dex page in the meantime.
    Hurry back Con-seal, we miss you! :D


Sunday, January 16th 2011

Two New Staff Members: absoltrainer and Conseal

I welcome two new staff members to the PKreel team: absoltrainer and Conseal. All three of us are hard at work on the site, so make sure to keep visiting daily for new updates. I will be creating a Fan-Art page, so make sure to e-mail me with a pic of your Pokemon artwork and I'll post it up on the site. absoltrainer's bio is up for viewing and Conseal's is still pending.


The PKreel Team







Pokemon Black and White English Names


  • #495 Snivy (Grass)
  •  Grass Snake Pokemon, Ability: Overgrow
  • #498 Tepig (Fire)
  • Fire Pig Pokemon, Ability: Blaze
  • #501 Oshawott (Water)
  • Sea Otter Pokemon, Ability: Torrent
  • #504 Patrat  (Normal)
  • Scout Pokemon, Ability: Run Away
  • #511 Pansage (Grass)
  • Grass Monkey Pokemon, Ability: Gluttony
  • #513 Pansear (Fire)
  • Ability: Gluttony
  • #515 Panpour (Water)
  • Ability: Gluttony
  • #517 Munna (Psychic)
  • Dream Eater Pokemon, Ability: Forewarn or Synchronize
  • #518 Musharna (Psychic)
  • Drowsing Pokemon, Ability: Forewarn
  • #519 Pidove (Normal/Flying)
  • Tiny Pigeon Pokemon, Ability: Big Pecks or Super Luck
  • #522 Blitzle (Electric)
  • Electrified Pokemon, Ability: Lightningrod or Motor Drive
  • #526 Gigalith (Rock)
  • Compressed Pokemon, Ability: Sturdy
  • #527 Woobat (Psychic/Flying)
  • Bat Pokemon, Ability: Unaware
  • #529 Drilbur (Ground)
  • Mole Pokemon, Ability: Sand Rush
  • #551 Sandile (Ground/Dark)
  • Desert Croc Pokemon, Ability: Intimidate or Moxie
  • #555 Darmanitan (Fire)
  • Blazing Pokemon, Ability: Sheer Force
  • #563 Cofagrigus (Ground/Ghost)
  • Coffin Pokemon, Ability: Mummy
  • #570 Zorua (Dark)
  • Tricky Fox Pokemon, Ability: Illusion
  • #571 Zoroark (Dark)
  • Illusion Fox Pokemon, Ability: Illusion
  • #572 Minccino (Normal)
  • Chinchilla Pokemon, Ability: Cute Charm or Technician
  • #576 Gothitelle (Psychic)
  • Astral Body Pokemon, Ability: Frisk
  • #579 Reuniclus (Psychic)
  • Multiplication Pokemon, Ability: Overcoat
  • #599 Klink (Steel)
  • Gear Pokemon, Ability: Plus or Minus
  • #610 Axew (Dragon)
  • Tusk Pokemon, Ability: Rivalry
  • #628 Braviary (Normal/Flying)
  • Valiant Pokemon, Ability: Keen Eye
  • #643 Reshiram (Dragon/Fire)
  • Vast White Pokemon, Ability: Turboblaze
  • #644 Zekrom (Dragon/Electric)
  • Deep Black Pokemon, Ability: Teravolt

Official Rivals Names:                      

Cheren                                   Belle.png    Bianca

 Tuesday, January 11th 2011

Universal Pokedex Now Under Construction

I have began to work on the Universal Pokedex. For those of you who don't know what it is..It is a complete list of all 649 species of Pokemon. It lists their Dex Numbers for the National, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, and Unova Regional Pokedexes as well as How they evolve (By Level, Item, or Special Means). Sprites are included as well as what type(s) the Pokemon are. I'll also be working on a Second Part of the Universal Pokedex, where it will list the Hold Items that Wild Pokemon posess and at which rates you can find a pokemon with that item. The Second Part will also include EV yields for all 649 species.


Thursday, December 30th 2010

Check Out First English Dex Entry of Generation V

Snivy, the Grass Snake Pokemon is number 495 in the national Dex and number 1 in the Unova Pokedex. He is of the grass type and keeps

this type throughout his evolutions:

 #496 Janovy   497Jalorda.png#497 Jalorda

Snivy evolves into Janovy at level 17 and Janovy evolves into Jalorda at level 36. Its ability is Overgrow and its Dream World ability is Perversity, which makes

moves used on a Pokemon that raises stats, lower the stats and moves that lowers the stats, raises the stats. You get Snivy, as well as Tepig and Oshuwatt from

Professor Juniper in Kanoko Town.








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